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The Little Sparta Trust has, over the years, gathered a wealth of documents, articles, photographs, video and varied historical material relating to Ian Hamilton Finlay and the garden at Little Sparta, donated by many artists, critics, photographers, writers, filmmakers, academics, family members and collaborators who worked with the artist. The Trust intends to be a safe store for this valuable resource, but will also publish a selection here on the website to give an insight into the history, development and ongoing maintenance of the garden. Specific photography and video collections can be accessed via the links to the right, while a range of diverse articles from a variety of sources are collected in an ‘Other’ archive. This contains a selection of content related to the artist or the garden, including magazine articles and other publications, extracts from written material and articles specially written for the website.

It is no surprise that the variety and depth of visual experience found at Little Sparta has inspired many people to make these visual records of the garden.
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Both the garden and its creator have been the subject of unique projects from film makers. With their permission, here are some of the moments they captured.
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This section contains a diverse group of features showing varied archive material relating to the garden, from letters and correspondence to published articles.
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