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The Little Sparta Trustees are: Magnus Linklater (chairman), Ian Appleton, Theresa Froehlich, Camilla Toulmin, Ann Uppington, Ian Kennedy, Richard Ingleby, Andrew Patrizio, Neil Firth and Iain McFadden.

Ian Hamilton Finlay has generously given ownership of the garden and its contents to the trust and its objectives now are to maintain the garden to the high standard the artist has set, and to secure the long-term future of the garden and its treasures.

It has launched a fund-raising strategy, documented under the Donations link in the main menu. All contributions are welcomed with gratitude.

For more information please contact Laura Robertson by e-mail. For details of donations and contributing financially, see under Donations.

The Little Sparta Trust is registered as a Scottish Charity, no. SC023222.


Trainee Assistant Gardener

closing date 1st March 2018

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Photographs by Andrew Lawson except where noted