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This secluded little garden is sheltered on two sides by trees and on a third by a wall of the Temple building. It is named after the secret garden in Jean-Jacques Rousseau's sentimental novel Julie, ou la Nouvelle Heloise, which tells of the love between the aristocratic Julie and her middle class tutor, Saint-Preux. Prevented from marriage to him by the difference in their social status, Julie renounced her passion and led a happy family life with a suitable husband, who employed Saint-Preux as tutor to their children. Julie's creation of a secluded garden for her family, made idyllically beautiful and productive by collaborating with rather than dominating nature stands as a model for the harmonious wellbeing of society. The novel had great influence on its many readers promoting as it did the ideals of harmonious and succesful domestic life as a model for society.

Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers, and this stone planter embellished with decorative metal ribbons and inscriptions, fittingly in French, is Flora's clock. The inscription below the two plants reads "Les Heures" and "Les Minutes". The plants are dandelions, and the clock, of course, only works at a certain season of the year and is widely used by children.

Sundial Tree Plaques
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